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Delivered to your clients: a simple yet secure way to transfer their accounting data directly to your web-based workroom.

Use My Docs Online to offer clients a simple yet secure way to transfer financial files directly to your web-based workroom. Clients no longer have to burn CDs and send them to your office, or use confusing, insecure email attachments. Using your secure, web-based workroom, (displaying YOUR LOGO) they simply log into a client-specific workroom and upload their files to you. All files are fully encrypted during transmission.

As new client files arrive notification is sent directly to you so you can begin on your client's work ASAP.

In addition to providing secure file transfers to and from your client base your client workroom is also a storage vault for past financial information and tax returns for each of your clients.

Clients can log into their accounts from our website or from a login prompt on your own website.

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