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2014 News & Reviews
Jan. 7 "Secure File Delivery API Aimed at Medical Records Sharing"  Cloud News Daily

2014 Press Releases
Jan. 6 "New Web API Offers Easy Addition of Secure File Delivery to Web, Mobile Apps"   

2011 News & Reviews
Aug. 16 "MicaRed's OverTheAir iPad App Adds Quick Connection to WebDAV pioneer My Docs Online"  Cloud News Daily

Feb. 15 "New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers Cloud Collaboration Solution for Sharing QuickBooks"  Cloud News Daily

Feb. 7 "New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers AutoCAD Cloud Collaboration Solution"  Cloud News Daily

2011 Press Releases
Aug. 16 MicaRed's OverTheAir iPad App Adds Quick Connection to WebDAV pioneer My Docs Online   

Feb. 15 New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers Cloud Collaboration Solution for Sharing QuickBooks   

Feb. 7 New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers AutoCAD Cloud Collaboration Solution   

2009 News & Reviews
Jun. 8 "My Docs Online Wins USCA Award"

2009 Press Releases
Jun. 8 "My Docs Online Wins Award"   

2008 News & Reviews
Feb. 20 "So Much Data, and So Many Ways to Guard It"  New York Times

2006 News & Reviews
Aug. 18 "Online Storage Solutions"  David Strom's Web Informant
May 14 "In Case of Disaster, Have a Backup Plan for Your PC"  New York Times

2005 News & Reviews
Jan. 15 "Sharing Forms Libraries in the Ether"  GP | Solo / American Bar Association

2004 News & Reviews
Aug. 30 "Tiny Download Backs Up Outlook Mail (subscription required)"  Chicago Tribune
Apr. 12 "Going mobile helps business 'road warriors' stay connected"  South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Mar. 19 "Online Data Storage Options"  TechTV

2003 Press Releases
Oct. 1My Docs Online Releases Transcription Edition for Court Reporter File Sharing
Jul. 1My Docs Online Releases Transcription Edition for Medical Transcription File Sharing
Mar. 17My Docs Online Releases Upload Manager Client for Windows
2003 News & Reviews
Nov. 3 "After the Fire: Saving Data"  San Diego Union-Tribune
Mar. 10 "Going paperless requires attitude changes"  Naples Daily News
Feb. 12 "2003 Travel Guide - Stay (Just a Little Bit Longer): Hotel Services"  Fortune Small Business
Jan. 27 "Back Up Your PC's Hard Drive Before You Learn A Hard Lesson"  Investor's Business Daily

2002 Press Releases
Dec. 17 My Docs Online Delivers Enterprise Edition Upgrade With Unprecedented Features For Managing Shared Business Files
Jul. 9My Docs Online Unveils New Reseller Program
Mar. 14My Docs Online Enhances Enterprise Edition With New Folder and User Permissions for Managing Shared Business Files
2002 News & Reviews
Dec. 30 "What's .Mac Worth?"  Macworld
Dec. 7 "My Docs Online Upgrades Enterprise Edition"  InternetWeek
Mar. 21 "The XP Files: Windows' Hidden Tools for Secure Sharing, Communication, and Collaboration"  Chapter 9 "Use Network Places to Access Online Sites" by Guy Hart-Davis  McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

2001 Press Releases
Oct. 4My Docs Online Introduces Wireless Interface for Pocket PC, Enabling Document Management, Expanded File Storage
Sep. 4Nextel and My Docs Online Partner to Provide Wireless Remote File Access Solution for Mobile Professionals
Jul. 30My Docs Online Introduces Wireless Fax Feature for Sending and Printing Files and Attachments From Mobile Devices
Jun. 27My Docs Online Gains Exclusive Partnership to Deliver Wireless File Access and Enhanced Messaging to Canada's Mobile Business Professionals
2001 News & Reviews
Oct. 4 "Wireless Interface for PocketPC"
Sep. 14 "Leave Your Laptop Home"  Fortune Small Business
Jul. 30 "Wireless Fax and Email"  PalmPower Magazine Enterprise News Center
Aug. 1 "Safe House – Digital Edge: Online Data Storage Ain't Free Anymore, but Your Company Still Needs It."   Entrepreneur Magazine
Mar. 1 Mobile and Wireless Special Report   Upside Magazine
Jan. 29 "Jim Coates' Ask Jim Why"  Chicago Tribune
Jan. 22 "Free online file storage is convenient (and affordable!)"  Access

2000 Press Releases
Oct. 18My Docs Online Introduces 'MyAttachments' for Unified Messaging & Wireless Email Providers
Aug. 2My Docs Online Receives Strategic Investment From PSINet Ventures
Aug. 1My Docs Online Is Named 'Best Online Storage Site' In PC World Magazine's 'Best Of The Web'
Jun. 27My Docs Online Teams Up With to Announce ExpressLoader™ for My Docs Online
Jun. 26Verity Selects My Docs Online to Deliver Virtual Drive & Wireless File Access Technology in Verity Portal One
May 3My Docs Online and Omnisky Join to Offer Free Wireless File Access and Messaging
Mar. 14My Docs Online Expands Wireless Messaging Capabilities to Support Internet-Enabled SmartPhones
Feb. 23My Docs Online First to Provide Palm VII Handheld Users Ability to Send Wireless E-Mail File Attachments
2000 News & Reviews
Oct. 1 "How to Store Documents Online"  WAP Magazine
Aug. 6"Best of Internet Services Includes a Trio of Tech Treasures" Chicago Tribune
Aug. 1"Best of the Web" PC World Magazine
Jul. 25Connect Everywhere: Mobile Office and Email PC Magazine
Jul. 1"Online Storage Sites"  Laptop Mobile Solutions
Jun. 16My Docs Online Has Gone Wireless Cool WAP Site of the Day
May 9"Now access your Internet-stored files without a PC" PC Magazine "First Looks"
Apr. 22"Online storage can link home with the office" San Jose Mercury News
Apr. 10"Evaluating the new wireless web applications" David Strom's Web Informant
Apr. 10"Free Web Services Allow You To Move Files With Ease" Chicago Tribune
Feb. 21"PDA data backup to go" PC Week
Jan. 9"Nifty Fonz.txt is a Magic Bullet for Storing Personal Data" Chicago Tribune

1999 Press Releases
Dec. 8My Docs Online Partners With Syvax to Provide Web-Based File Access for PDA Users
Dec. 1My Docs Online Enhanced Web Site is Internet's First to Provide Web-Based File Storage Using the New WebDAV Protocol
May 6My Docs Online Now Provides FREE Web-Based File Storage for Windows CE Users
Mar. 29My Docs Online Offers Safe Alternative in Response to E-Mail Virus Melissa
Mar. 24My Docs Online Offers FREE File Storage and Access to Your Important Documents from Anywhere in the World
1999 News & Reviews
Dec. 22"Startups storm the Net" CNET
Dec. 8"Web Storage Site Gets Tight With IE" PC World Online
Nov. 1"The Five-Second Commute" Smart Computing Magazine
Sep. 1"Access Personal and Business Files -- Anywhere"  Mobile Computing & Communications
Sep. 1"Housing Your Data on the Web"  Frequent Flyer Magazine
Aug. 1"Working At The Worldwide Office" Smart Computing Magazine
Aug. 1"Please Pass the Files"  Home Office Computing
Jul. 26"After email and home pages, free storage can't be far behind"  The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ
Jul. 5"Web-Based Services Ease Mobile Workers' Email Woes" Computerworld
Jul. 1"Peril by email: Readers respond" Computerworld
Jun. 23"Web storage sites loom as next big thing" CNET
Jun. 12"The Web Workplace"  PC Magazine
May 31"FREE Web Storage" InformationWeek
May 20"CEcity Reviews" CE City
May 7"Free Web-Based Storage Solution for CE" PDA Dash
Apr. 26"Check out free tools that let you make smart use of the Net" Government Computer News
Mar. 30"Free Yourself from Floppies" PC World Online
Mar. 30"The Virtual Floppy Disk." PC World Online

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