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MY DOCS Online OFFERS SAFE ALTERNATIVE IN RESPONSE TO EMAIL VIRUS MELISSA allows users to easily store and share their files on the Internet for free

Naples, FL - March 29, 1999 - In response to the recent widespread concern caused by the email-delivered virus Melissa, My Docs Online, Inc. today offered its free Web-based delivery service ( as an alternative to using email for sending documents to others. With My Docs Online, files can be saved on the Web, shared with others, moved from one PC or Mac to another, or downloaded to remote locations. Because My Docs Online is Web-based rather than email based, it simply transmits a link to a document, eliminating the need to send documents as email attachments.

"if someone receives a document via My Docs Online, he can rest assured it has not been generated by the Melissa virus," said Steve Dempsey, President of My Docs Online, Inc., "Our service provides a free, instant solution to anyone who needs to deliver documents but is concerned about using email attachments because of Melissa. My Docs Online can also be used as an alternative communications method for sites where a mail server has been overwhelmed by the virus."

(more) My Docs Online is a simple to use, browser based service requiring no software installation, plug-ins, or applets. Users can establish a free account in under 30 seconds and receive 20 megabytes of storage space for any type of file including word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, GIFs, JPGs, and MP3s. The My Docs Online site is highly intuitive and is designed to accommodate all levels of user sophistication.

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