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MY DOCS Online OFFERS FREE FILE STORAGE AND ACCESS TO YOUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD allows users to easily store and share their files on the Internet for free

Naples, FL. - March 24, 1999 - My Docs Online, Inc. today announced the availability of a FREE Web-based service ( for storing documents and files on the Internet. My Docs Online users can upload and store their important business and personal files and then access them from any Web-enabled PC anywhere in the world. With My Docs Online, any type of file can be saved on the Web, moved from one PC or iMac to another, shared with co-workers or friends, or downloaded to remote locations.

"Now, for the first time, computer users can take advantage of the benefits that come with saving their files on the Web," said Steve Dempsey, President of My Docs Online, Inc. "Business professionals and students can now enjoy access to their files whether they are working from an office or library across town, or from an airport or hotel room halfway around the world. My Docs Online revolutionizes how individuals and businesses will store, share, and access their important personal and work files."

(more) My Docs Online is a simple to use, browser based service requiring no software installation, plug-ins, or confusing applets. Users can establish a free account in under 30 seconds and receive 20 megabytes of storage space for any type of file including word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, GIFs, JPGs, and MP3s. The My Docs Online site is highly intuitive and is designed to accommodate all levels of user sophistication. Saving and retrieving files is as easy as performing similar functions in Microsoft Office or retrieving email.

My Docs Online eliminates the frustrations of carrying floppy disks, sending files as email attachments, or swapping diskettes with co-workers or friends. My Docs Online is perfect for:

  • Business users that need to move their important files between work and home PCs;
  • Frequent business travelers that require access to their critical documents from airports, hotels, or client sites;
  • Students working from campus computer labs, libraries, dorms, or with study groups when files need to be moved between computers or shared;
  • Windows CE users wanting access to documents without having to store them on their palmtops;
  • iMac users desiring a way to share or transfer files between iMacs and other computers;
  • Ad hoc workgroups that need to share documents in an efficient centralized location.

Registering for a free My Docs Online account requires only the user's chosen ID, password and email address - no other personal information is required. For more information or to register for your FREE My Docs Online account, visit

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