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MY DOCS Online ENHANCED WEB SITE IS INTERNET'S FIRST TO PROVIDE WEB-BASED FILE STORAGE USING THE NEW WebDAV PROTOCOL adds features, unveiling first-time WebDAV support, web folders, and file sharing enhancements allowing users to easily store and access their files on the Internet

Naples, FL. December 1, 1999 My Docs Online, Inc., leading provider of free, secureweb-based file storage, today launched its redesigned Web site which includes automatic file storage to Web-based folders, enabling users to synchronize their desktop files and folders with identical versions on their My Docs Online account. My Docs Online s implementation of the new Internet protocol WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) now makes it possible for Microsoft Office 2000 and Internet Explorer 5.0 users to write, edit and save their documents automatically to My Docs Online where they can securely access their files from any location, from any device, from anywhere in the world.

With WebDAV, My Docs Online, Inc. is introducing a revolutionary way for mobile computerusers to manage their Web-based files, much in the same way they manage files on a local hard disk or network server. The site s new functionality supports drag-and-drop of folders and files between a hard drive and a My Docs Online account, along with multiple file and folder uploads and downloads. In addition, Microsoft Office2000's Save to the Web feature can beused to save files directly to a user s My Docs Online account.

We are pioneering the next generation of web-based file storage, said Steve Dempsey,President of My Docs Online, Inc. Users can easily move their important files between their desktop and their My Docs Online virtual drive by using familiar drag-and-drop functions.For example, users can create a mirror image of their My Documents folder, simply by dragging itinto their My Docs Online web folder located on their desktop. Now, My Docs Online users are truly never more than a browser click away from their desktop files and documents.

My Docs Online now also includes a new self-maintaining address book that enhances the file sharing capability of the service. Each time a user shares a file, the recipient is automatically added to a unique checklist within the user s account, making it even more convenient to distribute subsequent files.

The site's redesigned interface continues to accommodate all levels of user sophistication and includes a new Web Folders tutorial with setup instructions.

Launched in March, My Docs Online is a free, secure web-based service for storing, accessing and sharing files on the Internet. Using My Docs Online, any type of file can be saved on the Web, moved from a desktop PC to a handheld device, downloaded to remote locations, or shared with co-workers or friends. My Docs Online requires no software installation, plug-ins, or applets.

Registering for a free My Docs Online account requires only the user's chosen ID, passwordand email address no other personal information is required. For more information or to register for your free My Docs Online account, visit or call(888)686-1181.

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