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Delivered to your clients: a simple yet secure way to transfer their accounting data directly to your web-based workroom.

Use My Docs Online to offer clients a simple yet secure way to transfer financial files directly to your web-based workroom. Clients no longer have to burn CDs and send them to your office, or use confusing, insecure email attachments. Using your secure, web-based workroom, (displaying YOUR LOGO) they simply log into a client-specific workroom and upload their files to you. All files are fully encrypted during transmission.

As new client files arrive notification is sent directly to you so you can begin on your client's work ASAP.

In addition to providing secure file transfers to and from your client base your client workroom is also a storage vault for past financial information and tax returns for each of your clients.

Clients can log into their accounts from our website or from a login prompt on your own website.

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  • "Incredible customer service! And I've been a My Docs Online customer for over 13 years."

    Wayne Lundberg, USA, Consultant

  • "That is what I love about your intuitive don't sit on things; always looking for ways to make the product easier for the user and carefree! Just wanted to let you know your attention to detail and customer service and support is greatly appreciated!"

    KCS & Associates Medical Transcription Service

  • "My Docs Online allows us to provide file access to all of our customers in a timely and efficient manner. User-Friendly!"

    General Growth Properties

  • "As a medical transcription provider to hospitals and physicians across the country, we absolutely must have HIPAA-compliant, always-accessible document storage. MDO has had virtually no down-time in the 10+ years we have used their service. Our company appreciates their superb customer care."

    Professional Medical Services, Inc

  • "MyDocs Online is a core technology that we count on. It is simply an indispensable resource."

    Metro Transcription Service

  • "I have used My Docs Online for all my hosting for my transcription company over the last 7 years and have been extremely happy with the service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at need to host both sensitive and nonsensitive information on the web."

    Global Transcription Resources

  • "I have looked at other file transfer sites in the past, but My Docs Online always comes out on top in terms of efficiency, features and costs."

    Fingertips Transcription Services

  • "My Docs has been the best business choice we have made. By making our documents available to all staff, we are able to work with extreme efficiency. THANK YOU!!!!!"

    All About U Adoptions

  • "While dealing with the frustrations of computer problems, it was really refreshing to get support from someone who actually wanted to help and sounded like they were right next door! Thanks Steve for your technical abilities, nice demeanor and offering to hang on the line to make sure everything worked out. WOW! How cool is that?"

    ADOORNMENTS Fine Architectural Hardware

  • "At MY DOCS ONLINE you get a human, who will answer your questions on the spot! You get a well trained person who has been with the company since it started. What is that worth? PRICELESS."

    WP Stewart Group of Companies

  • "I really like My Docs Online especially for not only the great security, but also for the "fail-safe" function of being able to "take-back" or cancel access to a file that has been sent out earlier - this is something that is not possible with traditional e-mail."

    Bill, 8 Year Customer, USA

  • "After having tried numerous online, data storage systems, this is clearly the best. As a solo practitioner, I have found this service to be the best on the market!"

    Law Office of Richard Chusid

  • "Thank you for all of your help. This has gone incredibly smoothly for both myself and the doctors! I was driving 50 miles a day round trip to pick up work 5 days a week for the last 25 years so this is great! Thank you again!"

    Linda Cowley Medical Transcription

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