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Backup and Protect your PC against viruses and disasters.

Windows only

Our unique, intelligent, wizard-based approach to Online Backup knows where your most important files are, and you can back them up just by confirming a few checkboxes, including:

  • Your My Documents folder and subfolders, where Microsoft Office keeps files you create.
  • Your Favorites folder, where Internet Explorer puts your Web bookmarks.
  • Your Desktop files, including any folders you have created there.
  • Special files and folders can also be included in Online Backup.
  • Schedule your backup to run every day or once a week.
  • Supports Windows XP Home and Professional Editions, Windows 2000, Vista and Windows Server 2003.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You need to have enough space in your account for the backup. The Wizard will display a running total of the storage needed for the files you select, and if it's too much for your current account, you can postpone the actual upload until after you have added storage to your account.

  • The Online Backup Wizard will automatically create a folder named "Backup" in your account. If you already have a folder of that name under "My Files," consider naming the existing folder something else to avoid mixing your existing files with the newly backed up files.

Install the Online Backup Wizard

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